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2015 Five Start Wealth Manager Award Winner!

Financial Planning, Registered Investment Advisor, fee only

Financial Planning & Asset Management

At Visionary, we believe that at the root of every goal lays a comprehensive financial plan that must be monitored and adjusted for changes along the way.

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Institutional Money Management,  401, retirement plan services, endowments

Do you have a 401(k) plan? You may not fully understand your responsibilities.

Did you know, as a plan sponsor, you can seek the guidance of a registered investment advisor who can work with you to help you avoid unforeseen liabilities and costly errors?

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RIA VS Wall Street, Independent Registered Investment Advisor

Visionary (RIA) VS Wall Street

When choosing an advisory firm to invest your money with, a fiduciary relationship should be a critical component to your selection process. Here are a few key elements to be aware of.

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Covered Call Strategy, Options, Income

Covered Call Strategy

Learn how Visionary can help you generate extra income and reduce your portfolio's volatility using our unique covered call strategy.

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Will You Run Out Of Money In Retirement?

Try out our online retirement plan wizard to see how your current plan stacks up.

Accreditations & Memberships

  • Bright Scope
  • Member of Avon Chamber of Commerce
  • Rotary club of Avon-Canton